Since the birth of man, many artists and photographers have been following the politically "correct" road. The road that do define what is art, and what is not. That defines what is ideal and beautiful for our delicate eyes.

The opposite of this is a free form and a free expression, where one do not feel obligated to follow the agreed set of rules and principles. Where one feels free to express oneself in the "wrong" way, if one feels that is the way that leads to the result one is seeking for.

When it comes to photography, the conservative line comes from when the "professional photographers" ruled the marked. They were the ones that did have all the expensive cameras and the expensive optics. And not the least - they were the ones that had the equipment and knowledge to develop the films and make copies. Also, these were the only ones that were able to make changes to the photographs, and they could do things ordinary people did not knew anything about.

Today things has changed. Today everyone may enjoy creative possibilities, and we can do what we want. We do not need to take into consideration what others might feel about it. Passion is the most important tool, an open mind and a curious person.

Today we don't need all this laboratory stuff, that changed when Photoshop came in the scene. Now it's a question of mastering the new electronic tools, and it's not at all certain the the "professional" photographer knows these tools better than most amateur photographers.

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